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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Self Storage Collections & Lien Sale Handbook (sold electronically via email)
Member: $100
Non-Member: $150
No self storage operator wants to conduct lien sales but they are a necessary part of the rent collection process. Lien laws in 48 states and the District of Columbia grant self storage facility operators the legal right to sell delinquent tenant stored property when rent is not paid. The lien laws provide, in reasonably clear language, the steps that storage operators must perform prior to conducting a lien sale. However, the state lien laws do not provide clear guidance on the nuts-and-bolts requirements of actually holding a distressed property lien sale or public auction. This manual provides some of the forms that every self storage operator should consider as part of the process in conducting a self storage lien sale. They can be used whether you conduct your own sales or retain an auctioneer to assist you. 


The Michigan Self Storage Lien Law Annotated (sold as hard copy)
Member: $40
Non-Member: $60
The state by state self storage annotated lien laws are broken down by the state's statute by section and includes a Conclusion, Lien Sale Checklist and Notice of Lien Letter. Extensive comments of the state laws are provided by the Self Storage Legal Network attorneys: D. Carlos Kaslow and Scott Zucker.






The Michigan Standard Rental Agreement (SSAM members only. Sold electronically via email)

Member-only: $199







The Michigan Outdoor (Boat/RV) Rental Agreement (SSAM members only. Sold electronically via email)
Member-only: $199